Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Nice weather for Ducks!

I love the idea of the outdoors indoors, especially on a day like today! We have been cooped up inside and I had to resort to being the pied piper and playing the plastic trumpet from the toy box while my baby son chased me at top crawling speed! Glass of wine in hand, lasagna sizzling and almost ready, in the meantime I am coveting all available surfaces for my indoor planted pots...

Arrangement 1

I have a real fondness for Muscari or Grape hyacinth. There is something that seems very ancient about them. As if they have been plucked from an untouched glade, near a cool, still pool of spring water, while a nymph flutters nearby. It is no wonder then that they originated from the Mediterranean region. As we have no lawn about which I am for-lawn...I think if it can't be mysteriously lurking amidst lush grass they look perfect in a pale cream enamel tub, planted in a cluster. If you feel rather ruthless they also look beautiful against a softer and frothy cream flower in a cut glass vintage vase.

Arrangement 2

On the Ovid-ean theme of the last arrangement, who can not like Narcissus. The small happy yellow flower or the more delicate and intriguing cream Narcissus are full a scent that promises Spring, longer evenings and the advent of Rose (drinking it in Winter is wonderfully decadent!). They fill the room with a warm smell of growth, beauty and the haunting reminder of the sad tale. These deserve a terracotta pot that straight away takes you to the temple at Delphi. Laetitia Maklouf has some wonderful ideas on how to create an aged patina with yogurt on terracotta!

PS To enjoy your surroundings try pasta with a hint of truffle oil finish with figs roasted in honey and a bath in bergamot/lavender oil!

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