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Seaside Fabric Pinboard

How to make a Fabric Pinboard

Seaside Fabric Pinboard

Celebrate summer by bringing the seaside indoors with this pretty old picture frame transformed into a handy fabric pinboard. It’s perfect for displaying postcards, jewellery, or just important reminders! Ellie Harrington shares some of her Upcycling tips.



  • An old picture frame

  • Paint (sample pots would work well for this project)

  • Adhesive cork roll

  • Material for covering the board

  • (you will need the size of the back of the frame and an extra 15mm of fabric for the border)

  • Grosgrain ribbon

  • Upholstery tacks/buttons for decoration (optional)


  • Paintbrush

  • Sandpaper

  • Staple gun

  • Masking tape

  • Hammer (optional)

  • Spray adhesive (optional)

? STEP ONE for creating your seaside fabric pinboard. Choose an interesting frame with detail that will enhance your paint effect. The size of your frame depends on how big you want your fabric pinboard to be and on the repeat of your fabric pattern. Remove and carefully discard the glass, if there is any. If the frame is gilded or has a shiny ?nish, chalk paints are a great alternative to sanding and can be painted straight on without priming. However, if you want to use emulsion or eggshell, key your surface by lightly sanding it, to help the paint to hold. To create a seaside appearance I painted an undercoat of white and a top layer of a seaside grey. We think this helps create beautiful vintage interiors!

How to make a Fabric Pinboard

? STEP TWO Sand the paint back in places to give a distressed feel. In some places remove the top layer to just the white undercoat and in other places right back to the wood to create the appearance of driftwood.

Shabby Chic a Picture Frame

? STEP THREE Remove the back from your frame and cut your cork roll to size. The
roll is adhered either by removing the sticky backing paper or by applying a spray
adhesive, if you have plain cork roll. This will give pins or tacks something to ?x to. If you have a deep frame you could add a layer of foam in between, or another layer of cork. Just make sure you leave room for the fabric to ?t inside the frame.

Cork Frabic Pinboard

? STEP FOUR Iron your fabric and cut to size. You will need 15mm for the margins. Fold
it over and stretch it as you staple the crab fabric print down (we have obviously used our Norfolk Crab Fabric Print here!) so there are no rucks or creases. You
can use double-sided sticky tape instead of staples. Tuck in the corners for a neat ?nish.

? STEP FIVE To complete the pin board you can use luxurious grosgrain ribbon in
diamonds across the board. Use masking tape to hold the ribbon until you are satis?ed
and then staple gun in place, pulling it tight as you secure the ribbon. Trim to the
length of the trim of the fabric. The ribbon diamonds will hold pictures and mementos
or, if you would rather, you can use pins to attach these. You could also hold the ribbon
in place with ornamental upholstery tacks or use mother of pearl buttons for a beach feel.
There you have it! A beautiful coast-inspired pin board that will perfectly frame your
favourite seaside treasures!

Make a Fabric Pinboard

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