Monday, 16 January 2012

Duck Egg beats the Blues

A little mid week musing...

Standing with my hand down our ancient sink that continually blocks or seemingly regurgitates delightful forgotten fragments of former meals, I started thinking of 'Blue Monday' and decided today should definitely be a duck egg blue Monday instead!

So hopefully here is a little something to cheer the souls of Duck Egg followers. First, put on youtube

A good foot stomping song, that is reminiscent of younger (in my case) days of running about in Cornwall, til the wee small hours without a care in the world. After an unusually sunny day and balmy evening, still able to taste the saltiness of the day! I can feel the cold water as we each took the plunge diving off the boat (belly flopping) and swimming with numb limbs to the beach to shiver and laugh... (so summer feel good factor sorted...!)

Next the visuals...

Of course it has to be duck egg fabric, its soft warm pastel hues, bringing back memories of turquoise skies in Norfolk, pure seas pulsing over white bleached pebbles of Greece. How can you not like this colour? I am so excited to be making a feeble attempt at curtains for my baby's room. I will remove his temporary black curtains with a huge sigh of relief. I don't know why I bothered with blackouts as he is up when it is dark anyway! They will at least be a salve before the sunrise! Use duck egg remnants for bunting to fete every day! Match with pinks and pale browns. Attack old dark furniture with  chalk paint, see Annie Sloan's range or an eggshell for a sophisticated matt finish.

Francois Boucher Madame de Pompadour, 1750

Duck egg blue appears throughout history, it is a soft colour of spring and luxury, go on have a  Madame de Pompadour moment. Wear it in January and wear the blues.

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