Thursday, 26 January 2012

Designing and the Fun Factor!

So my toddler has developed a wonderful, full throttle, no holds bar scream...and its brilliant! It's not an unhappy yell or a grizzle it's a shout of pure delight directed at the world. I wonder when I last felt like that? What a grounding effect it has had on me. When I have designer's block or come up against another setting up blockade, this shout of joy is at its most glorious. It's a look at me, sort of sound too. He brought most of our local Tesco to a standstill with it and I had several very kind attendants sent to pack us (and be rid of us) who very warily sidestepped the trolley with its passenger and his new teeth primed for exploration. I left forgetting most of the essentials, but took away a million loo rolls and a selection of toothbrushes, and accomplishing not a very efficient weekly shop. We also donated another sock to the Tesco floor. So in the spirit of liberation and the new found animal sounds we headed out to the local farm shop to investigate and stock up on items that I was too embarrassed to return for! How rural we felt as we filled a wonderfully rustic wicker shopper with seasonal vegetables.

 It was such a calming experience, the little one was fully engaged with the bright colours and simple delights of an enormous bunch of carrots. What a  treat to buy locally produced food. And so we returned home after a throughly good time, giving the obligatory 'Baa' at the sheep and the 'moo' at a startled cow!

So tonight I am full of ideas for our textile designs, with renewed respect and interest in nature and definitely a sense of wonder!

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