Saturday, 21 January 2012

Making an Impression....

There is nothing more exciting nor more perplexing as what to hang on the wall! We are currently creating a 'Wall of Fame', wall of shame more like, in the cottage. We have lots of photos in mismatching distressed (obviously) frames around the wall of all our friends and family and a few pics of our favourite haunts in Norfolk! However we are now staring at the blank and scary prospect of the bare opposite wall. We are big fans of vintage enamel signs, road signs and quirky finds. As an art historian and an art teacher I also like to have some creative pieces about the house. Harking back to my old days as an art teacher I have decided to make a few pieces myself and put them in eclectic and beautiful frames. So cosy up, clear and space on the floor and invite the children along too to create some exquisite ethereal pieces.

Sun/light sensitive paper is amazing and on a sunny albeit cold day, it  is well worth the look on your own and little faces, as you place unusual objects on the paper to create ghostly images (You can even find lovely paper without any nasty chemicals). If you want to be really historical about it, it might be fun to peruse the Impressionist who captured the fleeting moment at a time when art was in crisis against photography.
Monet, Impression: A Sunrise, 1873

 To go with the Duck Egg theme we have created some whimsical images of feathers on the paper. On the inky blue background, they are a captured moment in time; a feather blowing in a breathe of wind. We love it for bathroom prints too, they are a perfect reminder of seaside holidays. Try with leaves, flowers, shells or why do not go even further, try something really unusual. A whitewashed frame, a distressed gold frame or a curling grey gesso frame would set it off nicely and Duck Egg will be live soon to help you show off your creations.

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