Monday, 19 March 2012

Some crafty ideas for Spring!

So Spring is definitely on the way! Time for a new craft and for re-vamping old furniture in the attic! Give a table, a chest, or even a wardrobe a new lease of life (and at the same time if you want to occupy small hands for days on end over Easter!) through the therapeutic art of decoupage. Decoupage is a decorative technique which is quite simply sticking on paper to furniture and varnishing to create the idea of inlay or painted on designs. This seemingly most genteel of crafts can produce very bold and modern looks for your interior. You can go for striking all over schemes or dainty collections of vintage rose blooms and gold leaf for a vintage country look. Just make sure the paper is not too thin and you varnish well. (For areas subject to less wear and tear  or to make this an Easter craft with little ones you can use PVA glue instead of varnish, but it's a bit less shiny!)

So to get started grab your scissors and choose your images, excess wallpapers work well or for a contemporary vintage look use old maps. Try garden magazines, antiques catalogues (look out for bird prints-these can create a lovely vintage feel) or design brochures. Look out for decorative details to complement the look such as cherubs, ornate leaf scrolls etc.

Paint your chosen piece, wooden boxes are a good place to start if aren't feeling too confident! Small bedside tables also very willing subjects. I had a pine Ikea one which was perfect for my first foray! Sand if needed and paint with your chosen colour, you could try a Farrow and Ball emulsion for heritage looks. (Gold leaf can be rubbed over edges at this point).
From (some useful tips on decoupage)

When dry you can place the cut outs where you think they need to go before sticking, make sure you are happy and start glueing on the images by putting the glue onto the furniture or object and smooth out any air bubbles as you go along. At the edges of the furniture you can cut into the paper to allow it to fold over without creases and bunching. Push paper into corners and smooth over.

Once dry apply a couple of coats of varnish or PVA to finish!

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  1. Love this! Those boxes are beautiful.
    Laura, Dream Box Interior Design.