Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Duck Egg's Top 3 Vintage Decorative Solutions

Duck Egg has been hatching some exciting new plans recently! In our quest to transform our new country abode we are taking part in a TV interior makeover programme. With no running water downstairs our little man and I have retreated to the ever-patient grandparents. I am sure we have far out stayed our welcome. This is my first experience of proper building work, so in order to distract myself from the deadlines long gone I am furiously creating mood boards. I am in the middle of planning our attic room at the moment, which is a guest room and a study. Currently we have been wading through the eclectic paraphernalia that seems essential yet has remained untouched in our attic, after filling the eaves to bursting point we have been left to a motley collection of lonesome golf clubs, single pairs of socks and ancient handbags filled with receipts, as well as my huge collection of books! This is the one room in the house that needs the least work, but is more challenging on the decorative front. One side of the room lacks light and although the pale magnolia walls are in good condition the rooms needs a big injection of personality. So on my quest to revamp the one room we can at least get into at the moment here are our top 3 Duck Egg vintage decorative solutions.

Problem 1: Small rooms with little light…

A great way of introducing light into a room is of course using a light colour, Farrow and Ball ‘All White’ is a wonderful bright backdrop. Emphasise any natural light coming in with a large mirror, avoid the room being dominated by it by choosing or painting a pale frame for the mirror. Add a more vintage and a less harsh feel by finding a vintage treasure and the more foxed the mirror, the softer the focus.

http://myshabbystreamsidestudio.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/louis-philippetize-square-mirror.html - Has some great mirror tips. We also recommend Annie Sloan paint for painting over an old frame, to give a textured and chalky effect.

Problem 2: Room lacks personality

The quickest and easiest way to update a room is to change the fabrics used in the room. If you don’t have time to paint your room, which can also transform a space, try adding some interest with beautiful vintage inspired fabrics; faded rose patterns give a gentle country feel, deck chair stripes in pastel shades are great for a bedroom or go for more bold patterns in bath rooms and dining rooms. A pattern can add texture and interest to a room, co-ordinate cushions and curtains or choose a similar colour palette for furnishings. (Duck Egg is also very excited to be launching our vintage inspired fabrics)

Vintage mangle cloths are a great way to add personality through furnishings.

Cream walls can be a wonderful backdrop for showing off wall art. I have a commitment issue with placing things on my wall, but I am beginning to enjoy adding my vintage finds on the wall. I love architectural sketches found in antiques shops placed alongside family snapshots.

Problem 3: Bathroom flooring

This is something I often come across in interiors. Stone floors are fabulous especially with the added benefits of under floor heating. However structurally and expense wise this is not always possible. Carpet often suffers with the wet of a bathroom, especially if there are little fish that escape when out the bath. We have white painted floorboards which were great until our house became peppered with white recently and we discovered the floor had been peeling off and sticking to our feet and so we decided to re-address the issue of bathroom flooring. Keeping the floorboards is the most economical solution, but to add some vintage style and fun to bath time we are creating a checkered effect across the floor. Reminiscent of 1920s tiled washhouses, mask off the required areas and the colour choice is yours. We are, of course, going for white and Duck Egg!

 Example of painted floorboards

We will keep you updated on all our new adventures and the launch of our fabric range coming very soon.

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