Friday, 31 January 2014

Settle Bench - Welcome Back your Hallway!

Settle Bench - Welcome Back your Hallway!

Settle Bench – Welcome Back your Hallway!

 Settle Bench - Welcome Back your Hallway!

Settle Bench: A cluttered, maze of muddy shoes darken most of our hallways or porches, so what can be done about it? Shove them messily on top of one another into a corner and call it avant garde? Throw a blanket over the mess and hope no one notices? Display all your shoes acrimoniously on a shoe rack and hope for the best? Or maybe you could start wearing all your shoes at once? That would get them out of the way…
Settle Bench
Duck Egg Designs creates furniture with you in mind. Unique and beautifully hand crafted, vintage pieces that add a classic and charming tone to any household, and their Settle Bench is no exception. The gorgeous Settle Bench is an elegant and traditional piece, which would make a perfect addition to the typical, busy family home. Leave behind the days of the muddy wellies in the hall, the endless array of school and work shoes and the stiletto heel; and tidy them neatly away into the Settle Bench’s subtle compartment. Welcome back your beautiful interior from the chaotic mess of dog leads, shoes and other paraphernalia that has for too long taken control of your hallway!
The Settle bench is handmade by Duck Egg’s expert team of carpenters and available in a colour of your choice, so you can be sure that whatever your colour scheme or theme, your Settle Bench will not only be a practical solution, but one that suits you and your household.
If you require more details on the Duck Egg Classic Settle Bench then please click here: Settle Bench
Welcome Back your Hallway, the Settle Bench article written by Bethan Grylls of Duck Egg Designs. For more details visit or email
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