Saturday, 14 September 2013

Rubber Duck Poster - New Poster

Rubber Duck Poster

Rubber Duck Quack! Poster

Rubber Duck Poster is our latest poster print from Duck egg designs. It pays its respects to the ultimate king of the bathroom the Rubber Duck!

Inspired by the smallest member of the Duck Egg team, our little rascal. Rubber Duck Poster reminds us of some very amusing bath times where all you would hear is Quack Quack Quack for a good 20 minutes solid and so Quack Rubber Duck Poster was born!

The print looks great in any room and adds a fresh feel to any vintage interior or modern space. Very popular for the bathroom but we have our Rubber Duck Poster Print hanging in our corridor.

The Rubber Duck Poster is available in A3 and an extensive range of colours with the Duck Egg Designs famous colour match service still available where we will adjust the colours to many choices the colours of your walls.

The Rubber Duck Poster and all are posters and prints are available in any colour you want (we will colour match any colour). We believe these give any wall a unique, vibrant burst of colour, style and a bespoke finish. We passionately want all the Duck Egg Designs Posters to blend seamlessly into your modern or vintage interiors. Anything we can do to help or personalised adjustments then please do let us know.

A3 (Medium) Posters: £14

Below is a sample of colours we love but email us with your colour if you want a bespoke poster.

Please contact to discuss what colour you would like and size.

To order the post click here:  Duck Poster

We are also taking on a number of new projects and bespoke designs for clients at the moment. If you would be interested in having a one off poster made for you in our style then please do get in contact.

Team Duck Egg Designs x

Rubber Duck Poster - New Poster

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