Monday, 7 May 2012

The Duck Egg Community is growing!

We are so thrilled to have some wonderful new contributers coming to our blog. We have some experts in the field of all things shabby chic coming to impart some words of wisdom and help with matters very much close to our hearts from craftspeople we have met to some amazing social media presences!

The Duck Egg community is vibrant and growing (like our uncontrollable lawn, beautiful, verdant and abundant!) After thousands of blog reads we are so grateful, to you, the readers, for sharing our ideas. The big part of us starting Duck Egg was for support and a platform for up and coming talented entrepreneurs, to share thoughts and unique ideas. We are hoping to share the wisdom of specialist in their fields from makers, bakers and growers and eclectic mix of inspirational crafts! What a journey and what friends we are making along the way!

Our latest blog features gardening tips from Hugh, with brilliant ideas on what to do with those plants still languishing on your widow sill... Watch this space we are looking forward to posting tomorrow...

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