Monday, 13 February 2012

Your wall/Your canvas

With half term upon us it got me thinking about things to do out and about in the UK. We have some really spectacular places to visit and especially some pretty amazing inspirational interiors. After spending time in Italy I have a love and appreciation for integral wall art, and I definitely think it is making a comeback in the modern home. Maybe not in the traditional trompe l'oeil way but the popularity of stencilling and personalised quotes stencilled or stuck to the wall and the popularity of nursery murals indicates a shift in interior trends towards the decorate importance of the wall as a canvas. Needing some inspiration we really recommend a trip to Sandham Memorial Chapel with the exquisite and heartbreaking clarity of Stanley Spencer's frescoes. (Open in April, see the website) An artist not largely acknowledged in the British canon of art, the 'naive' quality of his art is oozing with spirituality. This is a chapel that carries on the ancient tradition of murals and frescoes in sacred spaces; there is something medieval and, at the same time, starkly modern about his work. In the wake of the acclaimed adaptation of Birdsong this is a topical and poignant place to visit, as well as providing a unique look at interior decoration.

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